Integrated Franchise PR Campaigns Provide Advantage

Integrated Franchise PR Campaigns Provide Advantage

When deciding what to allocate for next year’s PR budget, keep in mind that integrated franchise PR campaigns will provide a strategic advantage to attract two distinct audiences that will help grow your brand.

Successful public relations campaigns raise a company’s brand awareness and introduce it to new and broader audiences. In the case of franchise brands, there are actually two significant audiences you want to appeal to with your PR strategy – consumers and potential franchisees.

Both of these audiences are important to the future of your brand, and PR campaigns that integrate both consumer and fran dev strategies can benefit from each other by creating a mutually beneficial situation where the positive perception among consumers boosts franchise development, and franchise growth bolsters consumer confidence in the brand.

Campaigns Working Together

When paired together, consumer and fran dev PR campaigns help raise the awareness of your brand and its possibilities as a financial investment. They also help build credibility and trust in your brand and help drive growth.

A comprehensive campaign that includes shared, paid, earned media and owned content can help accomplish this.

Success stories and testimonials from your existing owners are a great way for PR campaigns to show the benefits of a robust franchise development program. These carry powerful messages at showing potential franchisees how someone has been successful in your network and illustrates how they might be able to replicate that for themselves. It also helps build trust in potential franchisees that the investment in your brand is a sound business opportunity.

Other ideas to help build trust include information about your brand’s history, franchise market stability, recent growth and your brand’s relationship to market fluctuations. These types of PR materials should be published in places where your potential franchises get their information. This information can be shared through press releases, social media posts, user generated content video and in B2B publications.

PR’s Boosting Power

Successful consumer PR programs can help foster fans of your brand and help your fran dev goals in the process. Some of those fans may be your next franchisee, according to data from a recent Curious Jane survey.

According to the study, 45% of the franchise owners surveyed said they were customers of their franchise brand before they became franchise owners, and 37% said they first heard of the brand because they were customers.

But to find and foster those superfans, you need consumer PR. Strong consumer brand recognition is a must for a franchise brand to succeed, and PR campaigns can help accomplish this through media coverage, social media engagement and community outreach programs that keep the brand top-of-mind for your customers.

PR also helps drive consumer traffic and boost sales at franchise locations, which is of interest to your potential franchisees. Consumer PR also helps to highlight special offers, new products and seasonal promotions through various PR channels.

Promoting sponsorships, partnerships and community service projects through your PR channels can help your brand’s image within local communities and resonate with potential new owners. These strategies can also help manage public perceptions, address negative reviews/publicity and ensure the brand maintains a positive public image.

And when needed, quick and transparent communication during a crisis can mitigate brand damage and restore consumer confidence.

The use of PR as a comprehensive communications tool can help your franchise development and consumer engagement. PR strategies build credibility, drive awareness and foster relationships, all of which contribute to a thriving and successful franchise network. Franchise brands will want to strategically invest in comprehensive PR services for sustained growth and success.