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Curious Jane is the franchise marketing agency that understands the challenges that franchises face advertising across national, regional and local levels. Our strategies and systems are uniquely designed to synergize the layers of franchise marketing efforts to expand and protect a brand while reaching local marketing objectives.

We specialize in these areas:

What we do

Building and protecting your franchise brand requires unmatched quality and brand consistency. At Curious Jane, data meets creative in full-service, comprehensive franchise marketing plans that include creative, digital, social, web design, PR and media buying.

Gone is the headache of managing multiple agencies for your franchise development, national marketing and local marketing. Curious Jane has the expertise and infrastructure to handle all of your franchise marketing needs.

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"Curious Jane has been a preferred vendor for all five of our brands for many years. They work directly with our franchisees on local marketing and grand openings, providing multi-platform campaigns such as digital, social and media buying. Their work with our owners is outstanding, and they are a highly valued partner to our franchisees. They also work with us on national brand strategies and creative support. Their work is exceptional, and their institutional knowledge of our brands and the passion their team carries for our concepts is greatly appreciated. They are an agency I highly recommend."
Sarah Broadwater

Client experience

Successful client-agency relationships never happen by accident. They are a product of hard work and the sharing of ambition, vision, strategy and respect. We work best with partners who are as curious and relentless on how to become better tomorrow than they are today—just like us.

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