Local Marketing


It’s time your National Ad Fund and Local Franchise Marketing worked together.

We can help.

We offer a full menu of services and then create custom, local packages to meet the specific needs of your brand’s franchisees.

Our local marketing approach is:

  • Cost-effective
  • Efficient
  • Easy to scale
  • Designed to protect your brand
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What we do

What we do

Local marketing packages

Supply your franchisees with a set of proven options tailored by price to meet local market needs.

National and local franchise integrated strategy

Develop campaigns to simultaneously meet national and local goals.

Cross-platform campaign development

Utilize the platforms that benefit your current and potential customers.

Brand standard compliance

Ensure your brand is protected in all marketing efforts.

Targeted localized campaign strategy

Customize campaigns to reach the right audience specific to an area.

Lead generation and new customer acquisition

Nurture potential clients and move them down the sales funnel.

Regional marketing strategy and media buying

Leverage your co-op’s dollars for maximum reach.

"Curious Jane increases web conversions, calls to our locations and ultimately helps increase the number of appointments and recurring customers. Their digital marketing dashboard is easy to use and gives me daily insights into how my campaigns are performing. That’s why I’ve worked with them for more than 15 years!"
René Tirado
Multi-Unit Franchise Owner
Plato's Closet—Hand & Stone

Support franchises with custom local packages

Not all of your franchisees have the same needs. We take into account varying budgets and goals to create tiered packages to simplify options for your franchisees. And because corporate approves the packages in advance, you’ll know that the campaigns your franchisees are investing in will support their local market while connecting with larger national growth initiatives.

Protect your brand locally

An integrated marketing strategy puts brand control in your hands. When you make Curious Jane your top preferred vendor, we ensure that franchisee marketing efforts are consistent with national brand standards. Our team works with entrepreneurs and owners across the nation to develop localized, integrated campaigns based on specific market needs so that you have the confidence your local marketing is on-brand, effective and strategic.

Whole Picture

See the whole picture

Understand how your national and local advertising are working together and track progress across your franchise system. Up-to-date visibility into all national and local marketing campaigns will help you keep an open dialogue with franchisees, monitor KPIs and share strategies that are working in one market with other markets.

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