Case Study

National Marketing – Office Pride


In 2018, Office Pride decided to change their SEO and PPC vendor due to low campaign performance in search impressions, web traffic and service inquiries. Office Pride turned to Curious Jane for a complete national digital marketing overhaul to help franchisees overcome doubt and to see the value of effective digital marketing and advertising. 

Approach & Insight 

From our years of experience working with franchisees, we know the importance of establishing relationships with owners and sharing our subject matter expertise. They need to see results and trust their national marketing vendor is respectful of their budget and is allocating it appropriately.  


In order to set up any local SEO or PPC service for success, it was important to address the Office Pride website and microsites. Development and content for those sites needed to be optimized for better alignment with Google SEO best practices. Once the sites were addressed, local SEO and PPC plans needed to be established and tested for results. Office Pride corporate agreed to the plans for a trial period to gather data. Results were shared with the franchise owners in the form of online webinars and in-person training days.  


  • Corporate website redesign 
  • Jobs website redesign 
  • Microsites for 131 franchisees created 
  • SEO program for local franchisees developed and launched 
  • PPC search campaigns developed for local franchisees and tracked for call conversions and online contact form fills 


  • 70% of Office Pride franchisees organically ranked on page one 
  • Individual franchisees consistently showed up in the top three local pack positions for 82% of keywords tracked 
  • Organic website traffic to microsites increased by 55% 
  • Total website traffic to microsites increased by 22% for locations running both SEO and PPC  
  • Franchisees who utilized PPC campaigns experienced a 21% increase in inquiries on average