You need to grow your franchise.
We have a blueprint for that.

We work with franchises every day, and they all ask the same questions. Do you wonder:

  • Why am I not getting more quality leads?
  • How much budget do I need?
  • Is it time to update my website?
  • Do I need a separate fran dev PR campaign?
  • Am I using my CRM to its full potential?
  • Does my creative deliver results?
  • Is my executive team setting realistic goals?
  • How do I know where to advertise?
  • How can I give my sales team a competitive advantage?
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Our Franchise Development Blueprint can help you build a bigger, better program.

No matter where you are in your growth efforts, we can help you level up.

Here are some of the reasons that franchisors reach out to us:

“We have a vendor who built our website, but I’m still not sure if it’s up to par. We have a different vendor handling lead generation, but it’s not working great. And we have another vendor managing our public relations. I’m juggling multiple vendors and we are getting some leads, but our results are definitely not where we want them to be.”

“Sometimes, we ask the consumer marketing department to help us with creative and whatever they have time for. They are great about pitching in, but because the ad fund money goes to the consumer side, fran dev often gets pushed to the back burner.”

“Our leadership team wants to grow our franchise. They have huge expectations of the sales team. I have to convince our leadership team that we need a more defined fran dev program to meet their goals.”

“We do get some sales from brokers, but they’re expensive. We would like to find a way to funnel more candidates directly to us.”

It’s clear that you need a better plan.

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Franchise Development Blueprint

Franchise Development Blueprint

Our one-of-a-kind Franchise Development Blueprint brings six critical components under one roof to help you achieve your short- and long-term goals for franchise sales.

Web/Landing Page

If there’s one thing you have to get right to sell more franchises, it’s your fran dev website. Your website is the foundation of the Blueprint program. If prospects aren’t converting after they visit your site – there must be a good reason. We’ll help your candidates see themselves as part of your franchise system by telling your brand’s story, ensuring the information that candidates want and need is there and making sure that the website is built to convert.


You have to provide investors with what they are searching for. In search engines, entrepreneurs and investors ask questions like, “What territories are available?” or “How much does it cost?” We write to optimize the answers to people’s questions. We tell your story through compelling, relevant content, writing new blogs and refreshing older copy to keep your SEO rankings high. Strong SEO helps candidates find you more easily by putting you at the top of the search engine results page.


Every franchise wants to grow, so your brand has to stand out. Our in-house designers develop creative, relatable campaigns that engage your ideal franchisee. We use research and data to help us develop your fran dev advertising creative. Sometimes, a specific color, word or video gets the most engagement. We track that data and report to you what creative performs best. We aren’t just designing pretty ads; we’re designing ads that convert.

Media Buying

Our elite team of media buyers are Google- and Facebook-certified. We buy digital media including search, display, social, video and audio streaming services. We also buy traditional media such as radio and print to reach potential prospects in different parts of the sales funnel. The platforms we choose for your brand depend on the personas you’re targeting.


Many franchise development teams have a CRM but either don’t use it to its full potential or still rely on spreadsheets because they’re more comfortable with them. We’ll help you use your CRM to its fullest capacity – implementing marketing automation to test messages, scoring leads and segmenting audiences. Targeted messaging allows you to communicate more effectively with leads already in the funnel. You’ve already paid for those leads; it’s time to start nurturing them.

Public Relations

Consumer public relations and franchise development PR are completely different. Although most franchises consistently invest in PR for the consumer side, often fran dev stories are left untold. We have found that candidates are doing more research into franchises, which makes third-party validation even more important. We create a steady stream of good news about your brand to raise your franchise’s profile and get you noticed in all the right places. We tell your story in media outlets where qualified candidates go for franchise news and information.

Using our proprietary Blueprint, Curious Jane ensures that every component contributes to the master plan developed for your franchise.

We know that a franchise development campaign requires every component to pull its weight. If one part fails to deliver, the end result will fall short of the goal. To be successful, you need a comprehensive plan managed by The Ad Agency for Franchises™.

We know our plan works.
Do you need a plan?

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