5 Reasons to Run Facebook Ads for Franchises

5 Reasons to Run Facebook Ads for Franchises

Franchise owners who wonder why you need to run facebook ads for franchises should consider reach and engagement.

Facebook changed its algorithm a while back, making it more difficult to reach your fan base. Organic reach now averages 1% to 2% of your fans. To extend reach, businesses must use paid promotion.

Here are five ways that retail franchises can use Facebook to promote their stores:

  • Promoting posted content: Post relevant content, creative and most importantly, inventory, and then boost it. A budget of $10 to $20 for two to four days can increase impressions and engagement by 50% to 60%.
  • Clicks-to-website ads: These ads are the perfect vehicle to drive traffic to your website or to a ticket outlet. You should budget at least $150.
  • Like ads: Likes are important because they validate your store as a reputable business and help you gather analytics. A budget of $150 to $175 per month can add 70 to 230 new likes.
  • Creating/promoting an event: Use events to get people excited. Use a strong title and eye-catching imagery, and be sure to include all the basic information, such as date and time. Plan to spend $35 to $50 per week for one or two weeks before the event for an extra 1,000 to 5,000 impressions.
  • Instagram ads: If your audience skews younger, you may want to consider advertising on Instagram, where most users are younger than 30. Instagram offers very strong engagement – 4.21% compared with less than 0.1% on Facebook and Twitter. If your running facebook ads for franchises, your budget need to be around $30 to $50 for local ads, or at least $150 for a larger market.

Facebook makes tracking results easy. If you find that a particular boosted post gets really great engagement, don’t hesitate to boost it again!