Case Study

Local Marketing – Plato’s Closet


Plato’s Closet needed to respond to the ever-evolving local marketing landscape of digital platforms and changing consumer behaviors. Franchisees needed to capture their target audience for awareness and keep their attention long enough to encourage engagement, increase web traffic and increase overall foot traffic to their stores.

Approach & Insight

Curious Jane has provided local marketing and advertising services to Plato’s Closet for more than a decade. We know their audience well, and we stay on top of the technology trends affecting user experiences.


Based on extensive research, we knew video ads were outperforming static ads on multiple digital platforms. We were also aware of the rising importance of Google My Business accounts in relation to search engine results.  


Ad dollars formerly used for static display advertising were reallocated to YouTube video advertising and a Google My Business management service.


The switch to YouTube video ads resulted in an increase in audience engagement. Viewable impressions increased 28% and the average view rate was 46%. The Google My Business management service resulted in the increased appearance of Plato’s Closet franchises in local searches. By ensuring correct account information and providing weekly posts, franchises are more likely to appear when their target audience performs apparel related searches.