5 Ways For An Executive To Become Franchise Thought Leader

5 Ways For An Executive To Become Franchise Thought Leader

Do you wonder how the people who are always being quoted about your industry got to be where they are? The short answer is they are smart, and they work at promoting themselves into becoming a franchise thought leader.

Every industry has thought leaders and influencers. Thought leaders understand their business, and they stay on top of changes and issues. They are among the first to spot trends, and they are constantly learning. They aren’t afraid to share their perspectives with others.

And so, people listen to them.

If one of your goals this year is to become one of those people whom others follow and retweet, here’s what you need to do:

Write Opinion Lead Blog Post Regularly

Blogs are powerful platforms full of opportunities for you to be a leader in your industry. They allow you to write about topics that are important to you and your industry. By publishing on your company or personal brand blog, you can control the content marketing and the publication schedule. Share your blogs on social media to increase your circle of influence. Then introduce yourself to leaders in your industry and other industries.

Publish Relevant Articles Or a Industry Related Book

To be taken seriously as a thought leader, you will need to publish beyond your blog. Share your expertise in articles on industry trends or issues and submit them to trade or industry publications. Make friends with journalists who cover your industry. You can provide value by encouraging them to reach out to you when they need quotes on a particular topic or area of expertise. If you have a really big idea, you might consider a bigger platform such as a book. A book is a huge undertaking that requires a lot of original content, time and patience, not to mention a publisher. Remember to leverage any articles you’ve written or been quoted in on your social media and your blog.

Pursue speaking opportunities

Thought leaders are in demand at professional conferences. It’s an enormous compliment when they offer you a seat on a panel or ask you to moderate a discussion before your peers. To establish thought leadership, book speaking engagements on topics that you are very comfortable with. Comfortable to the degree you can speak about it at a regional or national conferences. Plenty of opportunities exist, but remember that there also are many people angling for those same opportunities. Apply for every reasonable opportunity that you qualify for. Be sure to arrive well-prepared so they ask you back next year.

Be a Franchise Thought Leader Podcast Guest

Taking advantage of speaking opportunities on relevant podcasts is a great way to demonstrate expertise. It allows you to reach new audiences and gain new followers. Begin by connecting on LinkedIn with the hosts of podcasts that you enjoy and that are popular among leaders in your industry or position. Remember that hosts are influencers themselves. After they see links to your blogs and information on your blogs or speaking engagements, it will be easier to start a conversation about being a guest on their podcast. When the podcast is available, leverage the opportunity. Take a moment tag the host or podcast, share the link on your own social media and including a link to your blog and social handles in the episode description.

Launch a PR Campaign

Establishing thought leadership is all about good public relations. Share links to blogs, articles and podcasts on your social media. Send news releases when you take on leadership positions in professional and industry organizations, when you lead classes or workshops and when you speak to professional groups. Target trade publications, local news contacts, alumni magazines and other media that reach audiences with whom you want to connect.

Establishing thought leadership is not an easy or quick task, but it’s both important and doable if you are a true expert and leader. If you already are publishing, speaking and working to establish your expertise and influence, take the time to properly leverage those activities. Then the cycle begins again as you watch for an increase in followers and new opportunities.