Proactive Public Relations For Franchises

Proactive Public Relations For Franchises

What are you doing to build better public relations for your brand? Although PR and marketing are often lumped into one department, they are very different types of communication. Marketing is laser-focused on sales, and PR is all about building relationships with your key audiences, often by engaging with the media. Proactive Public Relations for franchises is most often used to raise awareness, change perceptions (or misconceptions) or persuade people to take action.

So why should you invest in proactive PR?

To Build Your Emerging Brand 

Public relations can help you grow. PR can assist you in raising the profile of your brand and building the positive reputation it deserves. A steady stream of “good news” about your brand and the innovative things you and your awesome franchisees are doing can get you noticed in all the right places – including by influential media outlets who can reach the people you want to be your next franchisees.

Perhaps one of your goals is to get your brand listed on a high-profile publication’s list of best investments or top franchises. PR can help you achieve that goal.

To Demonstrate Your Expertise 

Your company’s leaders probably have developed expertise in their respective fields; that’s why they have been so successful. Smart brands find ways to leverage that knowledge to position their company leaders as industry leaders.

PR can help your brand establish top executives as “thought leaders.” Work with journalists to provide quotes and insights into current issues or trends. You can also work with them by writing entire articles on topics of special interest to your industry or brand. Your PR representative can get your company leaders noticed.

To Build Your Reputation With Proactive Public Relations

Crises happen. But it’s a huge mistake to wait until you are in the throes of a crisis before you start to think about public relations. You cannot begin to build your reputation as an industry leader or foster a positive relationship with your key audience when you are in damage-control mode.

A proactive PR strategy can help minimize the harm that a crisis can do. If you already have a sterling reputation and the trust of your stakeholders, they will be more likely to give you the benefit of the doubt during a crisis. Announcing bad news intelligently is possible when you already have an established relationship with your customers and others. Your strong reputation also can help your brand recover after a crisis is past.

What are your franchise’s development goals? Are you eager to attract new investors, establish your leadership’s expertise or build relationships with customers and new audiences? A potential candidate can choose from hundreds of opportunities, considering factors such as location, investment requirements and industry. The more they hear about your brand, the more likely they are to choose you. If you want to grow your company, proactive public relations for franchises is a strategic investment.