Facebook’s Advertising Potential for Franchises

Facebook’s Advertising Potential for Franchises

After the Cambridge Analytica fallout in March, the #deletefacebook hashtag ran its course, Mark Zuckerberg answered to Congress and Facebook tightened its privacy settings. What does this mean for franchise advertisers? How does it affect Facebook’s advertising potential?

Truth is, you’re not the only franchise examining next steps after a data breach this great, and especially for a platform so widely used. But, should this concern you as an advertiser? The answer is “no.”

Facebook will continue to be a great advertising platform for your franchise business. Let’s address some of those hesitations and put your mind at ease.

Facebook took steps to further secure its users.

The data breach affected thousands of Facebook users, and the social media giant didn’t waste time in tightening its security and reducing developer access to user information.

In an interview with The New York Times, Zuckerberg explained that his company would do a “full investigation of every app that got access to a large amount of information.” Furthermore, any app with suspicious activity would undergo a full forensic audit.

Facebook has realized it cannot depend solely on artificial intelligence to police and protect user information. By the end of this year, Facebook will double the number of people dedicated to securing user privacy.

Facebook’s ad model isn’t going anywhere.

Facebook is popular among advertisers because of its free consumer access and extremely low advertising rates. The ease of access allows the social media platform to build a community and “bring the entire world closer together.” Like many social platforms, Facebook depends on ad revenue to fund operations. They will continue to work toward a balance between providing a free platform and desirable advertising opportunities.

Because Facebook wants to be valuable to advertisers, it allows hypertargeting in a unique way. This targeting will be more precise as they continue to refine their systems.

Facebook’s advertising potential was not impacted by breach.

Even while the Cambridge Analytica data breach was unfolding publicly, Facebook continued to gain new users. In fact, Facebook added 48 million daily active users in the first quarter of 2018.

Getting your message in front of large, targeted audience will help grow your franchise brand and attract more customers.

There aren’t many alternatives.

Franchisors will be hard pressed to find any other platform that reaches targeted demographics as easily and affordably as Facebook.

Facebook provides measurable metrics that franchisors can immediately act upon. A variety of ad options, including video, is another selling point. Plus, the Facebook pixel allows you to track site visitors and what they do while visiting your site.

Facebook is a powerful tool, and that power wasn’t diminished by the data breach. Facebook still delivers ads to a diverse, global audience, and advertiser hesitancy doesn’t change the ROI.

This blog was written by Curious Jane and previously published on the blog of the International Franchise Association.