Partnering with an Ad Agency: How the Right Franchise Ad Agency Can Help CMOs Overcome Their Top Concerns

Partnering with an Ad Agency: How the Right Franchise Ad Agency Can Help CMOs Overcome Their Top Concerns

There are a number of issues that keep the average chief marketing officer (CMO) up at night. We often hear franchise brands express concerns about:

  • ROI
  • Brand reputation
  • Competitive pressure
  • Digital transformation
  • CRM

In this blog we’ll explore how partnering with the right franchise ad agency can help alleviate some of these common concerns for CMOs.


CMOs are often tasked with demonstrating the return on investment (ROI) for their marketing efforts. They may worry about whether their campaigns are generating enough leads or sales to justify the investment. 

Ad agencies can help CMOs better understand the ROI of their marketing efforts by providing data-driven insights and analytics. This can help CMOs make more informed decisions and demonstrate the value of their campaigns to senior leadership. 

Brand Reputation

CMOs are responsible for managing their company’s brand image and reputation. They may worry about negative publicity or customer reviews that could harm the brand.

Ad agencies can help CMOs proactively manage their brand reputation by monitoring social media and other online channels for negative comments or reviews.

Competitive Pressures

CMOs are under pressure to stay ahead of the competition and differentiate their brand from others in the marketplace.

Ad agencies can provide competitive analysis to help CMOs stay ahead of the competition. This can include identifying new trends and emerging technologies, showing what their ads say and look like — all of which can help the brand stand out in the marketplace. 

Digital Transformation

CMOs need to keep up with the latest digital marketing trends and technologies to stay competitive. They may worry about falling behind or missing out on opportunities.

Ad agencies can provide expertise in the latest digital marketing trends and technologies, helping CMOs stay on top of the latest trends and opportunities. They can also provide training and support to help the marketing team develop their digital marketing skills. 


Many franchise brands have invested heavily in Salesforce, Hubspot, Franconnect and other CRMs, but they don’t fully know how to use their CRM and are not taking advantage of everything it can do.  

Often, the right ad agency can help a franchise brand build better journeys, produce better creative and ultimately recommend what the franchisor should be doing next. If you have Salesforce or Franconnect, for example, have your agency help you with lead journey mapping and personalization. Ask what the data show about when and where people don’t renew a service or lose interest in the brand.  

The right franchise ad agency can help CMOs alleviate their concerns by providing data-driven insights, competitive analysis and digital expertise. By partnering with an ad agency, CMOs can feel confident that they are making the most of their marketing investments and staying ahead of the competition. 

In addition to the benefits outlined above, an ad agency can also help franchises come up with better creative ideas, taglines and marketing materials. 

Franchises often face the challenge of creating consistent and effective marketing materials across their various locations. An ad agency can help ensure that the franchise brand is represented consistently across all channels, from social media to in-store signage. 

Ad agencies also have experience developing creative concepts that resonate with customers and help the brand stand out in a crowded marketplace. They can provide fresh perspectives and innovative ideas that a franchise may not have considered before. 

For example, an ad agency can help a franchise come up with a memorable tagline that captures the brand’s essence and sets it apart from competitors. An agency can develop eye-catching graphics and visuals that make the franchise’s marketing materials more engaging and effective. 

By partnering with an ad agency, franchises can tap into the agency’s expertise and experience, allowing them to create marketing materials that are more effective at generating leads and building brand awareness. This can help the franchise stand out in the marketplace and attract high-quality franchisees who are excited about the brand’s vision and mission.