Let National and Local Ad Campaigns Work Together

Let National and Local Ad Campaigns Work Together

Taking a layered approach to a franchise’s marketing and advertising campaigns ultimately benefits both the franchisor and franchisee, without one getting in the way of the other. 

The Opportunity

While local franchises serve their surrounding communities, the national brand always has a larger presence to appeal to the masses across the country or region. These two perspectives, however, serve the same goal – to educate new customers and investors about the brand and attract them to the brand. That same mentality needs to be applied to marketing and advertising campaigns launched by franchise brands.  

Without a doubt, the integrity of the brand is vital to any campaign. Oversight of this helps the franchisor maintain the look and reputation of the brand. On the flip side, local franchisees can take advantage of national advertising campaigns and localize them to generate new business. 

So, where do you start? 

Promote Effective Communication

Clear and continued communication is a great first step. If franchisors focus on brand awareness, franchisees can target lead generation through targeted, local marketing.  

Franchisees should look for ways to take advantage of national campaigns and how to build on them in their local markets. This keeps the owners engaged in what is going on within their community. Franchisees also benefit from the spending power of the larger corporate structure. The national brand can more easily capitalize on large media buys to target specific areas. 

Campaigns to show on the Super Bowl, a national TikTok campaign or satellite radio are best left to the buying power of the franchisor. The larger brand is great for providing brand recognition, but it should also provide guidelines for local marketing strategies and create a network where franchisees can communicate to share experiences. 

Choose Strategic Partners

Preferred vendors can help navigate advertising opportunities between the national campaigns and local marketing. These vendors essentially work as a corporate marketing arm to ensure brand standards are maintained through images, logos and copy while helping the franchisees advertise within their communities on a local level.  

Use Your Franchisee Advantage

Where franchisees can shine is in knowing their local clients and taking advantage of local advertising campaigns to drive traffic to the hometown location. 

Build a Powerful Community

Think digital. Taking advantage of available social media pages is a great way to create a local community around your location, and it’s easy to do. It’s the perfect place to engage in your online community and directly appeal to your customer base using community groups, promoting upcoming sales and events and engaging with other local businesses. Social media also can connect local franchisees with influencers in their area who can help promote the individual location. 

Diversify Your Efforts

But franchise owners should not put all their advertising eggs in one basket. Local radio, newspaper, charity events, local chambers of commerce activities and other event advertising also benefit franchisees as the local face of the franchise.  

Franchisees are already part of a larger network that has their back. Leave the heavy lift to the national campaign. In turn, franchisees can focus on their local program while having the confidence of a name brand with name recognition and reputation behind them.