Franchise Guide to Qualified Leads on Facebook

Franchise Guide to Qualified Leads on Facebook

Social media strategies for franchises

Lead generation is key to growing brand reach and establishing communication with your target audience. Finding qualified leads on Facebook does not have to be difficult. It’s about targeting the right people in the right place.

Facebook is a great place to begin any lead generation campaign because of its large audience. In the U.S. alone, Facebook has about 214 million users. Seize the opportunity to introduce your franchise business to potential franchisees on a platform where they are comfortable and accustomed to engaging. About 90% of top decision-makers say that they will not respond to cold calls, but 76% of those who engage with a brand on social media say they are ready to “buy.”

Facebook lead ads are simple to set up and with the right creative, they can deliver you the quality leads you want. There are three key strategies you need to understand before building a Facebook lead generation campaign:

Understand your audience.

Understanding what matters to your audience is the best way to build ads that convert. Try identifying a problem that you can help solve for your audience. By understanding what is important to your audience, you can better tailor your ads to your targets’ interests. Identify what is already working and develop a strategy accordingly.

Content is everything.

Get creative with your ad design and lead magnet, the piece you use to entice your targets to give up their email addresses so you can build up your email list. You want your audience to get something valuable in exchange for giving you their information. Be strategic in choosing the offer. Informational articles and infographics, white papers and e-books and are all great downloads for any potential lead generation campaign.

Implement Facebook’s pixel.

Facebook’s pixel tracks actions that take place on your web pages and links them back to your Facebook ad accounts. To optimize your Facebook ads and monitor the results, you need to add the pixel to the thank-you page associated with your download. Retarget your audience later with this information and improve future campaigns.

Once you begin to generate qualified leads on Facebook, it becomes an indispensable resource. Know your audience and reach them with the right tools. See what works and build on it as you evolve your strategy. It is essential to track your analysis and pixel insights once the campaign is established. Whether it be creative, ad text language or the lead magnet, measure your results to improve and refine your campaign.

Finally, don’t forget to follow up in person. Social media cannot replace the personal touch, so it is important to reach out when you can. To get the most out of Facebook’s lead generation ads, you have to be willing to nurture those leads when you can.