Case Study

National Marketing – Plato’s Closet


Franchisors turn to Curious Jane for our experience working with all three sectors of franchise marketing: national, local and franchise development. Because we work so closely with franchisors, local owners benefit from our expertise, as well. So when Winmark approached us about doing a national denim campaign to benefit franchisees, we were all in.

Approach & Insight

Our team works with both the Winmark Corporate office as well as the franchisees directly, and our local account executives had been hearing a lot of questions about and interest in TikTok, whose target demographic coincides with Plato’s Closet’s. Among TikTok’s 80 million daily users, 33% are between the ages of 10 and 19 (Comscore, 06/2021).

We spent hours on TikTok doing research and understood the content had to feel more authentic and less polished. Curious Jane worked closely with Winmark to concept and implement a video series for TikTok, then our team had a multiple day video shoot with local talent.


Plato’s Closet’s core consumers know their actions will impact their world. The demographic already knows the meaning of “Go Green,” and jeans were selected as a sought-after inventory item that most customers either have too many of or want to buy at an everyday value.

Using TikTok ads, and supporting collateral for stores, the goal was to drive customers to the Plato’s Closet website to learn more about buying and selling denim. We took our conversation beyond TikTok, with a call to action to visit their local store.


Plato’s Closet National Denim campaign ran in 2021.

  • Ad creative shot specifically for platform
  • Created four videos for TikTok
  • Designed the in-store experience – by creating multiple touch points in the retail environment to reinforce our message, “Go Green with Jeans” by recycling your denim.
  • Provided animated digital display ads, email assets and content, web squares, web slides and web banners.
  • Our ads’ call to action directed users to find their location on the Plato’s Closet website.


2.5% increase in denim buys over the same four weeks in 2019. (This doesn’t include other clothing categories.)

$0.25 average cost per click

32,000,000+ impressions

4,200,000 unique people saw our ads

35,551 Plato’s Closet webpages were loaded because of this campaign

27,825 users loaded the “find your location” page or searched to find their locations