Case Study

McAlister’s Deli


McAlister’s Deli turned to Curious Jane when they needed bold ideas, stunning creative, and an intentional and cohesive marketing strategy to increase franchise sales in specific must-win markets across the country.

Approach & Insight

To engage prospective franchisees, we created a landing page and lead magnet. This provided leads a way to get the detailed information they needed and gave McAlister’s the ability to nurture those leads as they came in. We used original content and engaging creative assets on social media, along with other digital marketing strategies, to drive people to the landing page and increase lead volume.


Not only do you just have one chance to make a first impression – but you’d better do it FAST! Using a storefront photo and straightforward language, we made it clear that the offer was to buy a franchise. To leverage brand awareness, we kept the same colors, textures and icons as used in their consumer branding. Content was direct and pointed, using specific data to show the financial opportunity and highlighting the parent brand to reinforce the strength behind the McAlister’s name.


  • Developed a landing page that was clear and direct in its intent: “Own a Franchise” coupled with an image of a storefront.
  • Created an aggressive lead generation campaign using multiple platforms.
  • Used an image of their iconic sweet tea paired with detailed stats about sales for the top quartile.
  • Listed three ways to qualify for ownership.
  • Included multiple call-to-action buttons driving people to a form.
  • Created a detailed and informative lead magnet to help prospective franchisees evaluate the opportunity.
  • Listed six reasons why McAlister’s is the best investment.
  • Tied McAlister’s to the FOCUS Brands® family to build credibility and show the depth of experience and support behind franchisees.